Workplace Harrassment and Bullying

Richard Lehr, a founding member of Birmingham-based labor and employment law firm, Lehr Middlebrooks Vreeland & Thompson, tackles workplace harassment and bullying in this 45-minute webinar. Access to this webinar, which is geared toward owners and managers, is a benefit of membership in the Alabama Retail Association.

The webinar covers:

  • harassment as a national and global issue
  • federal laws prohibiting harassment and bullying
  • harassment excuses that don’t cut it
  • workplace conflict identification and resolution

The goal is for the listener to:

  • recognize sexual and other forms of harassment.
  • understand workplace rights and responsibilities to deal with harassment.
  • understand your role to prevent and report to human resources any behavior you consider sexual or other harassment.
  • understand that corporate values include treating all employees with respect and dignity.

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