Civil Recovery Demand Letter

On (insert date), you were apprehended for taking possession of, without paying for, merchandise belonging to (name of retailer/merchant).

Under Alabama statute, a retailer/merchant is granted a civil cause of action against the person who intentionally deprives or intends to deprive a retailer/merchant of any merchandise without paying for it.  The statute further provides that, separate from, and in addition to, any criminal action arising from your conduct, you may be held civilly liable for:

(a) Cost of merchandise, if damaged;

(b) Expenses for the recovery of the merchandise of $200; and

(c) Court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.

This letter represents a demand from you for $ (amount) as means of satisfying this civil matter.

We do not wish to file a civil action against you.  However, if we do not receive payment within 30 days from the date of this letter, we will make every effort
to enforce our rights under this statute, which may include a civil court action.

NOTE:  The demand letter must adhere to the form designated in the statute.