Retail Opens Doors

Alabama’s retailers employ nearly 400,000 of our state’s citizens, providing 1 out of every 4 jobs. They bring economic vitality to our Main Streets, and they provide resources for local youth sports’ teams and other charitable organizations to succeed.

To celebrate the ways retail transforms communities, the Alabama Retail Association has launched #RetailOpensDoors – a campaign that will highlight the doors of opportunity that are opened because of Alabama’s retailers.

  • #RetailOpensDoors of new businesses in a community, including existing store expansions or new locations.
  • #RetailOpensDoors of new job opportunities for individuals at any stage in their career.
  • #RetailOpensDoors of revitalized buildings, bringing new life and economic vitality to once forgotten spaces.
  • #RetailOpensDoors of economic growth and new avenues of revenue for our state’s communities.
  • #RetailOpensDoors to charitable causes, allowing groups to host fundraisers their stores or restaurants or by donating items or funds to nonprofit organizations.

Add your voice to the story, and tell how you have played a role in opening doors in your community. You can submit your story or request a visit from our staff by clicking on the buttons below!


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