Socially Speaking: Alabama Retail’s top posts, links, photos and videos of 2019

On the final day of 2019, we look back at our top posts, profiles, events and videos of the year across Alabama Retail’s website and social media accounts. Enjoy the look back as we move forward to 2020 and the next decade!


Our top social post for 2019 was the Alabama Retailer of the Year Customer’s Choice Award contest. The June 27 to July 11 Facebook photo album voting system, featuring the 50 Retailer of the Year entries, reached more than 100,000. The 2019 winner was Jennaration Boutique Inc., which has stores in Tuscaloosa, Northport and Birmingham as well as an online presence and an app. The winner received 1,526 votes, or 12.5% of the 12,191 votes cast.

While the Retailer of the Year entries garnered the top social response in 2019, the link to the 72 nominees also made the Top 10 on Facebook and Twitter.


With more than 6,500 impressions, our profile of the Yeager family, which created the Moulton-based farm-to-home to luxury linen brand known as Red Land Cotton, gained the top spot on our Twitter account for 2019.


The most viewed Alabama Retail Association member profile posted in 2019 on goes to another family business, Mary Carter Store in Cullman.  You can find Raymond Young at his hardware/general merchandise/paint/framing store six days a week, alongside his family. His wife, Brenda; sons, Jeff and Jeremy; daughter, Jennifer; and Raymond’s brother-in-law Fred Osborne, all work in the store. More than 2,000 unique visitors read the Mary Carter story on our website. It also ranked in the top 10 posts on the Shop Alabama Instagram account and on Alabama Retail’s Facebook account.

All of the member profiles that appear in our Alabama Retailer magazine are posted on our website and shared socially.

In case you missed them, here are the other most-read Alabama Retail Association member profiles of 2019:

From left Katie Smith, Rob and Robert Renfroe, Jeff and Maureen LaCour, the Harsanys’ restaurant campus and Char Haber.


News that the cast and crew of the reality TV show What Would You Do? filmed in Lavish Coffee Bar in downtown Jasper scored in our Top 10 Facebook links of 2019. When the first of two episodes aired in August, the shared video was in the top three videos we posted this year. In addition to the coffee bar, Dustin and Shannon Beaty operate Lavish Boutique in Jasper and Lavish Boutique Cullman. In 2018, they were among Alabama’s Retailers of the Year and won the Customers’ Choice award.


With the exception of the What Would You Do? episode and Alabama’s 200th birthday, the other top 10 videos of 2019 all related to our annual Alabama Retail Day celebration.

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