Social Media Day: Using social media to market your business

Social media is becoming one of the most important tools for retailers to build their brands and their own distinct communities. In honor of 3 WAYS (1)Social Media Day, which is recognized on June 30, we’ve compiled a list of five ways retailers can use social media, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to market their business.

1). Put a personal touch on your business by telling stories about the people behind your business. Fans are more likely to share or like your content if it’s about someone they know.

2). Don’t be afraid to use video and live streaming capabilities, especially on Facebook.  And it doesn’t have to be professionally produced to grab your followers’ attention. If you use Facebook, upload your video directly, rather than posting a link to a video on another site. Facebook’s NewsFeed algorithm boosts content that is native to its platform.

3). Post photos of your products or services on a consistent basis. Give your followers a reason to want to visit your store or restaurant. Show them your new products and menu items, and tell them about current or upcoming promotions and sales.

4). Interact with your followers. If they ask a question about your business or products, answer it as quickly as possibly. Treat your social media followers with the same courtesy and customer service as you would in person. Also, connect and collaborate with other like-minded and community groups on your page and support your fellow retailers. You can cross-promote one another.

5). Educate and empower your customers! Be a resource, teach them something new, inspire them, or make them laugh. Give your followers a reason to share a post with their friends.

What are your tips for using social media to market your retail business? Let us know how you interact with your customers, and we’ll share the best tips on our page!

by: Melissa Johnson Warnke
Manager of Communications and Engagement