RICK BROWN: Alabama Retail is your membership organization and your workers’ comp provider

The Alabama Retail Association is the state’s leading legislative and regulatory advocate for retail and small businesses. More than 4,300 businesses are members of the association.

Most of that membership also participates in Alabama Retail Comp, a self-insured workers’ compensation fund begun in 1984. To participate in the fund, businesses must also be a member of the association.

Most members joined the association and became a participant in Alabama Retail Comp through a local independent insurance agent. Unless you are a member who has had to file a claim or had a question about Alabama laws or regulations, you may never have spoken with someone at Alabama Retail Comp or the Alabama Retail Association. Those of you who have talked with one of our staff know we are just a call or email away.

ARC is the leading workers’ comp provider to small- and medium-sized businesses throughout Alabama. Many of our members are retailers, while many of you provide professional services or lodging.

Your workers’ compensation coverage is the greatest benefit of your membership in the association.

We are Alabama Retail Association and Alabama Retail Comp.

Thanks for giving us the privilege of serving you.

Rick Brown
President, Alabama Retail Association
Fund Administrator, Alabama Retail Comp

This column first appeared on Page 2
of the November 2019 Alabama Retailer.