Rick Brown: Alabama retailers have been better together for 80 years

In 1943, retailers came together to form this association to give retailers a voice when public policy is made.

Being the advocate for retailers with government decision-makers at the state and national levels is the Alabama Retail Association’s core function.

Among the issues the retail community has tackled in the first eight decades of its association are: workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, simplifying remote sales and leveling the field for sales tax collection, credit/finance charges, strengthening shoplifting laws and creating an organized retail theft law, business license reform, tort reform, delivery license reform, health costs/regulations, inventory, income and corporate taxes, worthless checks, labor laws and consumer protection.

The 118th Congress began Jan. 3 and will conclude in January 2025.  In March, the Alabama Legislature begins a new quadrennium. Your association will serve as your eyes, ears and voice before both.

It is an honor to serve those who sell food, clothing, furniture, medicine and more to the citizens of Alabama, impacting almost every aspect of daily living in our state.

It is an honor to serve Alabama’s top employer. Our industry employs almost 400,000 Alabamians.

Whether lobbying on your behalf in the Alabama Legislature or in Congress, providing cost-effective workers’ compensation coverage or helping tell the retail story, the Alabama Retail Association is here for you.

Please call on us.

Rick Brown
President, Alabama Retail Association

Look for this column on Page 2
of the February 2023 Alabama Retailer.