2020 Legislative Goals: Keep businesses open and economy strong

Alabama entered the new decade on a high note. More Alabamians are working than ever before, and revenue coming into the state last year broke records. By all accounts, holiday sales in Alabama exceeded everyone’s expectations.

It is under that blue-sky economy that the Alabama Legislature begins its regular session Tuesday, Feb. 4. Increases are expected in both the General Fund and education budgets in 2021, the fiscal year for which the Legislature will be writing spending plans.

For Alabama, the dark cloud on its political horizon is a prison crisis that includes overcrowding, a shortage of correctional officers and the threat of a federal government takeover.

Leading up to the session, I talked with the Association of County Commissions of Alabama about license reform. I left those conversations optimistic that we may be able to find common ground to simplify and consolidate the licensing process in our state.

Everyone wants Alabama’s business climate to continue to improve and our economy to thrive.

The Alabama Retail Association will be at the Legislature throughout the session that must end by May 18. Our goal is to protect retailers and support measures that ease operations for business in our state. Alabama Retail members, follow our Retail Report email each Friday and provide feedback on the issues that concern you.

Rick Brown

By Rick Brown, president of the Alabama Retail Association.


This column first appeared on Page 2 of the February 2020 Alabama Retailer.