From the president: Retailers, better together for 75 years

For 75 years, the Alabama Retail Association has been promoting and protecting retailers.

It is what we do.

It is an honor to serve those who sell food, clothing, furniture, medicine and more to the citizens of Alabama, impacting almost every aspect of daily living in our state.

It is an honor to serve those who provide jobs – more than 400,000 jobs to be exact.

It is an honor to serve those who support their communities by sponsoring Little League teams, by donating items to silent auctions and volunteering for community organizations.

Retailers work hard. They invest in their businesses and communities. Their contributions provide the economic backbone for our state.

In 1943, retailers came together to form this association to give retailers a voice when public policy is made.

Those voices should be heard, and I’m happy to help however I can.

Whether it is providing cost-effective workers’ compensation coverage, lobbying on your behalf in the Alabama Legislature or in Congress or helping to tell the retail story, I and the entire Alabama Retail Association staff is here for you.

Please call on us.

We may not always have an answer, but we will share whatever we learn.

You keep turning on the lights, serving customers, sweeping the floors, paying the bills and doing what you do to keep your business going.

We’ve got your back.


Rick Brown 2016Rick Brown

By Rick Brown, president of the Alabama Retail Association and the publisher of Alabama Retailer, the association’s magazine.


This column will also appear on Page 2 of the February 2018 Alabama Retailer.




Originally posted Jan. 2, 2018