Retail Report: Continue to Push for SB316 in Final Stretch

Alabama Retail Association-backed delivery license reform needs your help to see House action as the Alabama Legislature’s 2017 regular session draws to a close.

Only six working days remain. Since it takes at least five days for legislation to make it through the legislative process, hundreds of bills will die next week. Even bills that have already passed one chamber could be in jeopardy as the House and Senate jockey to get their chamber’s bills in position for passage.

Caught in that conflict is SB316, which sets a $10,000 annual threshold before a $100 delivery license is required.

Call or email your representative NOW and ask them to vote for SB316.

Share these suggested talking points with your representative or watch what your fellow retailers have to say on our Facebook video for inspiration.

Pressure to move legislation caused tension and tempers to flare this week. Both state budgets could end up in conference committees as they must go back to the originating chambers to approve changes. After reading the bill out loud for several hours, a federally mandated legislative redistricting plan finally passed the Senate this week, but House Democrats threaten another filibuster next week.

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