Retail Report: One day remains in session; health order nears end

The week began with the governor announcing the state’s health order would expire at the end of the month, barring a surge in new COVID-19 cases. The state of emergency related to the pandemic continues until July 6. That means the liability protections for businesses enacted early in the session extend to July 6, 2022.

The week ended with a legislative day that went to midnight without gaming legislation but with a medical marijuana agreement. The Alabama Legislature heads into its final day with the state’s general operating budget for next year pending. Several bills of interest to retailers are on the governor’s desk, including direct wine shipment, vape sales and advertising reform, increases in off-premise daily sales cap for breweries and distilleries and small fireworks sales. The governor signed bills into law this week that regulate pharmacy benefit managers and call for suspension or loss of tobacco permits when retailers fail to pay wholesalers for tobacco products.

The Alabama House convenes at 10 a.m. and the Senate at 11 a.m. Monday, May 17, for the 30th and final legislative day of the 2021 regular session. The Alabama Retail Report, like the Alabama Legislature, will take a week hiatus before the last day of the session.

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Alabama could become 37th state to legalize medical marijuana; bill with governor ( | SB46

Lottery/casino legislation didn’t make it to House floor Thursday; chances diminishing for final day votes (

Pharmacy benefit manager changes effective July 1; apply to contracts as of Oct. 1 (

Further regulation of tobacco, nicotine, vape sales and advertising on governor’s desk (

As of Aug. 1, nonpayment of tobacco products could result is suspension/revocation of tobacco permit (

Breweries could triple, distilleries double daily caps for off-premise sales in bill on governor’s desk (

Direct wine shipment, small winery direct sales/self-distribution with governor (

Mac Gipson: Explaining how Alabama’s new alcohol delivery laws will work (

Other bills on governor’s desk: Pass-through entity member deduction on state income taxSmall fireworks sales (

Broadband bill passage is a ‘milestone’ but funding questions remain (

Legislature OKs permanent daylight saving time IF Congress ends time shifts (

Alabama Legislature endorses 5-year extension of incentive to restore older buildings (

Harris: Alabama could reach herd immunity in late summer only if vaccine rate increases (

United States extends face-mask requirement on planes until September (

SBA announces initial results of Restaurant Revitalization Fund (

Only community financial institutions offering PPP loans through May 31 or fund exhaustion (

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