Retail Report: Legislature ends 2018 session early; data breach law begins June 1

The Alabama Legislature ended its 2018 regular session Thursday, four days early. The early departure allows lawmakers seeking re-election or election to another office to campaign in earnest for the June 5 primary. Those leaving public service started their retirement early.

Before the Legislature left town, the governor signed a data breach notification requirement; and a measure meant to further level the playing field between brick-and-mortar retailers and online-only retailers arrived on the governor’s desk.

Keep reading to find out what awaits the governor’s action, what has become law, more on the issues above and what died in the 12th and final week of the legislative session. Expect a more complete summary of the 2018 regular session sometime in the next two weeks. The governor has 10 days after a session ends to either sign or pocket veto legislation.

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Data breach notification required beginning June 1 (

Governor gets bill to further level field for online third-party sellers and brick-and-mortars (

Trump wants to ‘go after’ Amazon over taxes, but Congress, Supreme Court could settle the issue for him (

Law puts end to ‘traveling through’ business licenses (

Law now clearer on credit for taxes paid for pass-through entities (

Almost 20 local alcohol bills now law; few await governor’s action (

Rex Reynolds wins special election to fill Jim Patterson’s seat (

Alabama streamlines special events nonprofit alcohol licensing (

Governor has brewery Sunday sales bill; breweries in entertainment districts bill dies (

Governor signs Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act (

Unemployment compensation benefit reform bill will have to wait until another session (

Bill allowing infused liquor dies in final week (

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