Retail Report: Deadline passes to qualify for primaries; education budget on House floor next week

Alabama’s education budget is expected to be on the House floor next week, and today is the deadline for candidates to qualify for the 2018 primaries (Check here for qualified Democrats and Republicans). Twenty of the 30 legislative days in the Alabama Legislature’s 2018 regular session remain.

Committee debate of legislation allowing direct wine shipments to Alabama consumers didn’t happen this week when the sponsor couldn’t attend the scheduled meeting. Otherwise, bills have begun to stack up on the governor’s desk as lawmakers finished the fifth week of the session. Both the Alabama Senate and House will be back at 2 p.m. on Fat Tuesday for the 11th legislative day.

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Senate next to consider mandate for locked grease traps (

Flu outbreak leads to 89 deaths, shutters 5 Alabama school systems (

Governor signs Fort Payne Sunday sales bill and status of other local alcohol bills (

House committee OKs education budget with teacher pay raises (

Amazon to launch delivery service that would vie with FedEx, UPS (

Liquor flavor infusion could be debated by either chamber (

Governor considers end to pharmacy provider tax credits, making refunds possible through 2020 (

Other pharmacy issues: Outsourcing annual permits and modern drug monitoring (

Direct consumer petitions for sales tax refunds ready for final debate (

Alabama files lawsuit against opioid manufacturer (

Governor signs bill as part of Toyota-Mazda incentives package (

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