Retail Report: Ask Reps to Vote ‘Yes’ on ‘Fairness’ and Tax Holiday

The Alabama House is expected to vote Tuesday on legislation that will level taxes charged on remote sales with what brick-and-mortar retailers must charge. Some Alabama retailers must charge as much at 2% more than mega internet sellers, under current law.

The tax fairness legislation is tied to a new sales tax holiday intended “to inspire Alabamians to get outdoors,” said the sponsor, Rep. Joe Lovvorn, R-Auburn. “We have a beautiful state that we need to enjoy.” The May tax holiday would exempt certain boating, camping, fishing, hunting and sporting goods from sales taxes.

The legislation in the House on Tuesday also would make periodic inflation adjustments for the values of the tax-exempt goods in Alabama’s back-to-school and severe weather tax holidays.

Contact your representative now and ask them to vote for HB257 (outdoor sales tax holiday) and HB258 (sales tax fairness)!

The Alabama Retail Association strongly supports continuing to even the playing field between remote sellers and the brick-and-mortar retailers in our state.

Meanwhile, the state’s general operating budget received Senate approval during the eighth week of the 2024 regular session. The education budget is in position for the House to take up next week.

The Alabama House will reconvene at 1 p.m. and the Senate at 2 p.m. Tuesday, April 16, for the 22nd legislative day of the 30-day regular session.

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