FAMILY PHARMACY: An interview with Mike Vinson, president of Adams Drugs

We serve our customers in such a way that we will have the opportunity to do it again,” said Mike Vinson, president of Adams Drugs, a 12-store family owned regional pharmacy serving 60,000 patients in the River Region.

My parents cultivated us and taught us how to take care of our customers,” he explained.

Tom and Emily Vinson opened their first pharmacy 58 years ago on Adams Avenue in downtown Montgomery. The Vinson family still operates a store at that location. “My father opened his second store in 1978 behind Baptist Hospital, and we’ve grown the business since then to 12 locations,” said Mike, who along with his wife, Lee, owns the family business. “I thank her for not throwing me out of the house the times I came home and said, ‘I want to open another store.’ ”

Adams Drugs has eight locations in Montgomery and one each in Prattville, Millbrook, Wetumpka and Pine Level.

Family Serving Families
The Vinson family lives its company motto, “Our family serving your family since 1962.

Tom Vinson died shortly have opening the second pharmacy, leaving his wife and sons, Mike and Blake, to run the business. While Blake Vinson is now retired, Blake’s son, Bo Vinson, is a technician at the Vaughn Road store in Montgomery. Mike and Lee Vinson’s children, Blakey and Scott Vinson, have administrative responsibilities with the pharmacies.

The third generation has “pretty much done everything – deliver, clean commodes. The same things I did when I was growing up,” said Mike. “I was helping to stock shelves” at age 8, he said. “I eventually became a clerk, then a delivery man and then a technician.

Give Them A Reason to Come Back
Customer service sets Adams Drugs apart from other pharmacies, Mike contends.

Good customer service is giving the customer what they want and giving it to them when you said you were going to give it to them; and it really helps when you have a smile on your face when you’re doing it,” he said. He asks his more than 150 team members to show compassion to Adams Drugs’ customers who are often dealing with illness and other life stresses.

They treat our elderly customers like they were their grandparents,” he said. “We’re all about relationships.

Ninety-five percent of Adams Drugs’ revenue comes from its pharmacies. While all of the stores also sell gifts, three have named gift shops, which attracts customers, especially to the new stores, said Mike.

Lee and Mike Vinson in the Emily B gift shop of their Montgomery store on Perry Hill Road. The gift shop is named for Mike’s mother, Emily Blakey Vinson. Adams’ other two named gift shops are Periwinkle on Vaughn Road and Emily’s Closet on Copperfield Drive. Photo by Amy Carson Dennis

Adams Drugs competes with national chains and somehow makes it work,” said the 2019 Alabama Retailer of the Year judges, who chose Mike and Lee Vinson as the 2019 Gold Retailers of the Year in the Annual Sales More Than $20 Million category.

Once the customers get to experience the level of customer service we offer, it’s not often that they return to a chain – not by choice at least,” Mike explained in his Retailer of the Year entry.

It means a lot when you walk in our store, and before you even get to the counter, they’ve got your package, your prescription waiting for you.


Mike Vinson is president of Adams Drugs, a family business that operates 12 pharmacies in the River Region.

Staying Well
Adams Drugs’ services don’t just extend to those who are sick.

Adams’ locations also offer wellness screenings and immunizations. Over the past two years, wellness screenings have grown 60% and the number of flu shots administered has increased 66%.

Our immunization program is really taking off,” said Mike. “Pharmacies give more flu shots than any other profession. We give more flu shots than doctors, because we have better access to the vaccine and the patient.

He said some pharmacists, especially newer ones, “don’t want to be counting pills or jumping through hoops to adjudicate claims with insurance companies. They want to help the patient” and Adams’ wellness programs give them that opportunity.

Hepatitis A exposure at a Montgomery restaurant in February 2019 added that vaccine to the stores’ protocol. “We vaccinated almost 2,700 people in about two months,” Mike said.

In August, the Alabama Department of Public Health recommended all food service workers be vaccinated for Hepatitis A. “It costs a good bit to get a Hep A shot,” which will keep some from getting the vaccine unless the state requires it, Mike said.

Adams Drugs has also developed a private label and distributes free vitamins under that label to children, between the ages of 3 and 12.

Good Neighbors
Besides the health of its customers, Adams Drugs also cares about the well-being of the communities it serves.

The Vinson family, through Adam Drugs, gives back,” said Willie Durham, chairman of the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce. “They are good neighbors.

MEMBER SINCE 1993: From left, Adams Drugs owner Mike Vinson, Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Chairman Willie Durham and Rick Brown, president of the Alabama Retail Association.

He points to Adams Drugs’ commitment to delivering Meals on Wheels to area shut-ins and sponsoring more than 15 youth sports or cheerleading teams in the River Region.

They are making a difference, as well as making a living,” the chamber exec said.

Sponsoring youth sports is “the best advertising money, we have ever spent,” said Mike, adding that the family business sponsored its first baseball team the first year it opened. “It is a great investment, because you’re invested in these kids.” Plus, it generates “goodwill with their parents and their grandparents,” he added.

Among Adams Drugs’ many other sponsorships are the March of Dimes Breakfast for Babies program and Hope Inspired Ministries, which offers job and life skill training for chronically unemployed, poorly educated and low-skilled adults.

Adams Drugs considers customer service and community involvement as company cornerstones.

You can rest assured that the excellent customer service, friendly employees and community commitment has not changed since 1962,” said Mike.


November 1962

Number of Employees

My father, Tom Vinson

Smart Move
Taking advantage of opportunities to locate stores where there was a “heavy” chain presence but no independent pharmacies

Learning moment
When I came to the realization that the customer pays all the bills and that I needed to give them a reason to come back.  My father told me “the customer is not always right, but they are always the customer.”

Wisdom Shared
I tell our employees to be a “giver” rather than a “taker.” Give of your time compassionately to the customer across the counter, because you are probably not aware of what they are dealing with in their life.  This world is made up of givers and takers, so choose to be a giver. My favorite quote is: “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Story by Nancy King Dennis
Photos by Brandon Robbins

This article is the cover story of the February 2020 Alabama Retailer