Member profile: The Lingerie Shoppe marks 75 years

The windows at The Lingerie Shoppe in Mountain Brook change out weekly.

Without fail,” the gowns and other delicates in the window are changed out weekly at The Lingerie Shoppe on busy Montevallo Road in Mountain Brook.

“We have customers who come in looking for merchandise they saw in the window,” even weeks later, said owner Brenda Meadows.

The shop, celebrating its 75th year, also trusts in word of mouth as a marketing tool.

“We count on satisfied customers to share their favorable experiences in the store and their satisfaction with the products they buy here,” said Brenda, who has owned and operated the business for 33 years.

That doesn’t mean Brenda and her team of five others rely strictly on window customers and referrals.

Brenda Meadows

They market daily on Facebook and Instagram; and Brenda’s daughter, Julie, the store’s inventory and social media specialist, frequently uses TikTok to promote the latest and greatest at The Lingerie Shoppe.

“It has been my pleasure to open the doors each day and greet the many loyal and new customers who come to shop,” said Brenda, who works a six-day week.

Some of the newest customers have found the store through its website – – which launched in April. “We still encourage in-store shopping, but we know online shopping is a fact in retail,” said Brenda.

“Soft and comfortable,” are the descriptive words she uses for her store’s undergarment and sleepwear for all three generations of customers, both women and men.

Throughout the pandemic, sales of bras, especially comfortable bras, have exploded, Brenda said.

Demand for loungewear also expanded. “Presentable, comfort clothes are the most requested styles,” she said.

MEMBER SINCE 1995: The Lingerie Shoppe at 2403 Montevallo Road in Mountain Brook is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Also visit at

Story and photos by Nancy King Dennis

This article also appears on Page 7 of the July 2021 Alabama Retailer