Member Profile: Jim Whaley Tires fulfills its motto ‘good service goes a long way’

Dothan-based Jim Whaley Tires Inc. also has stores in Ozark, Enterprise, Troy and Eufaula. Jim Whaley, pictured, founded the business in 1986.

Jim Whaley opened his first tire store in 1986 on the Montgomery Highway in Dothan when he was still in his 20s. That first store had five employees. Thirty-six years later, he operates seven stores in five Alabama cities and employs more than 90 in Alabama’s Wiregrass. Last year, he opened his first Florida location, employing 10.

The chief executive officer of Dothan-based Jim Whaley Tires Inc. credits his employees with growing the company. “Our employees are, without a doubt, Jim Whaley Tires’ greatest asset,” he said, adding, “we’ve had a phenomenal journey of growth.”

Jim Whaley Tires added the second Dothan store in 1988 and the third Dothan location in 2001. The business also has 10,500-square-feet of warehouse space in Dothan. His third store overall came in 1992 in Ozark. Others were added in Enterprise (2007), Troy (2016) and Eufaula (2018). The Marianna, Fla., location opened on April 8, 2021.

We’re serving between 400 and 500 customers daily here in the Wiregrass area,” Jim said, adding that he and his team strive for an excellent customer experience in every transaction.

“Jim Whaley and Jim Whaley Tires represents the best of Alabama small business in retail – high ethical standards, commitment to community, strong customer service and exceptional product,” said Dean Mitchell, executive director of the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce.

We are members of the chamber of commerce in every city/county that we operate in,” said Jim. “We have been a member of the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce since 1986, since the beginning.”

Story by Nancy King Dennis
Photos by Amy Carson Dennis

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