Retail Report: Corporate annual report repealed in final week; budgets, ‘Working for Alabama’ package pass; lottery fails to receive vote on final day

In the final week of the Alabama Legislature’s 2024 regular session, lawmakers approved two record budgets.

This week, the governor also signed into law a package of bills aimed at increasing workforce participation and another doing away with unintended red tape for small businesses. The Alabama Retail Association supported the repeal of the annual report for thousands of small corporations.

A victory for retailers earlier during the 2024 regular session was rejection of legislation that would have required businesses to accept cash. In the final days, the Alabama Legislature approved a pared down country-of-origin labeling for restaurant and delis. The Alabama Retail Association and others worked with the sponsors to make the legislation less burdensome on businesses. The governor signed that legislation into law the day after the session ended.

The governor has 10 days after the Legislature adjourns to sign or pocket veto bills that reach her fewer than five days before the end of a session. The regular session ended Thursday, May 9. We will summarize the 2024 session after the governor has completed her work.

Left on the table the final week were bills to establish a state lottery and limited legal gambling; a sales tax exemption for baby, maternity and menstrual products; and further regulation of the vaping industry. Earlier in the session, the House approved a sales tax holiday for products used in outdoor activities, but never voted on funding legislation tied to it. Your association will continue to advocate for leveling sales taxes charged by remote internet retailers with what brick-and-mortar retailers must charge.

The 2025 regular session of the Alabama Legislature begins at noon Feb. 4, 2025.

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As of Oct. 1, small corporation annual report requirement repealed  (

Employer and facility childcare tax credits effective Oct. 1 (

Civil and criminal child labor law penalties increase Oct. 1 (

Landmark ‘Working for Alabama’ legislative package signed into law (

Restaurants and delis required to label fish and shrimp as imported or by country of origin by Oct. 1 (

Ban on food products made from cultured animal cells begins Oct. 1 (

June 1 elimination of school permission form for 14- and 15-year-olds to work on governor’s desk ( 

In final hours, Legislature passes $9.3 billion education budget (

Alabama lawmakers approve $3.4 billion General Fund budget (

Withholding future economic incentives for businesses that voluntarily recognize union delivered to governor (

Aligning overtime hours eligible for income tax exemption to Fair Labor Standards Act/National Labor Railway Act; bill with the governor (

Lottery and gambling package doesn’t resurface in final week (

Baby, maternity & menstrual exemption doesn’t make it to agendas in final week of 2024 session (

Senate fails to consider further regulating vaping in Alabama on final day of the session (

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