Together we can make the retail vote count

By Rick Brown

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Alabama voters have the privilege and responsibility of choosing our state’s leaders for the next four years or more.

There are a lot of races on the ballot, including ones for governor, Supreme Court and the Alabama Legislature.

Part of our mission at the Alabama Retail Association is to elect “retail friendly” public officials and fair judges.

We have two political action committees – Alabama RetailPAC for state races and Alabama Retail Association PAC for federal races. In contested races, those PACs recommend candidates who are right for retailers. For the General Election, the state PAC has recommended five statewide candidates and 65 state legislative candidates. The federal PAC recommends five congressional candidates.

On Oct. 19, members for whom we have an email address should have received an electronic Voter Guide. I hope you shared that guide with your employees, colleagues and friends.

Together, the 4,200 Alabama Retail Association members, their employees, friends and associates can make the voice of retail heard at the ballot box.

Please plan to vote Nov. 6 and encourage your employees to vote as well.

Make the retail vote count. Alabama’s future depends on it!

Rick Brown is the president of the Alabama Retail Association