Hospitality management alcohol licenses for Alabama colleges and universities now possible

Act No. 2022-360
by Rep. Joe Lovvorn, R-Auburn

The state’s public four- and two-year universities with a hospitality management program can operate a distillery, winery, brewery, brewpub or some combination in support of the academic course of study, under legislation the governor signed into law April 14.

The idea is to teach responsible production and service,” the sponsor, Rep. Joe Lovvorn, R-Auburn, said.

The new law, which was effective immediately, creates a new alcohol license specifically for hospitality programs at state universities and community colleges. It applies to both bachelor’s and associate degree programs.

The Hospitality Management Program license limits beer production to 60,000 barrels annually and off-premise beer sales to 864 ounces. Licensees would have to pay beer, wine and liquor taxes. License applications from two-year campuses would have to be signed by the school president and the Chancellor of the Alabama Community College System. A campus police department is also required for any two-year school applicants. The law requires clear signage that sales to those under the age of 21 is prohibited.


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