Governor issues one year moratorium on new or amended executive agency administrative rules

In an executive order issued Wednesday, March 8, Gov. Kay Ivey began a one-year moratorium on any new rules from state agencies that fall under the executive branch (more than 150 entities).

In her State of the State address, the governor said the goal is to “cut red tape so that our businesses are not held back, but can thrive. As I like to say, sometimes the best thing government can do is just get out of the way!

While the “pause” does not apply to the adoption or amendment of rules for which notice has already been given, it does apply to any rule or amendment from today through March 1, 2024.

The governor has ordered a review of existing administrative rules with an overall goal of reducing the red tape on citizens and businesses by 25%.

All state executive branch agencies are to appoint a Red-Tape Reduction Coordinator by May 1.

The timetable set by the governor asks the state agencies to plan for amending or repealing rules from September of this year to March 2024. She gives them from March 1, 2024, to March 1, 2025, to implement rule reductions.

>> Read the governor’s full statement

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