Food & beverage trucks can sell open container alcohol in entertainment districts as of Sept. 1

As of Sept. 1, Alabama law allows food and beverage trucks to sell alcohol in open containers within entertainment districts in all classes of cities. Cities retain the power to prohibit food trucks from selling alcohol.

Act No. 2023-523 by Rep. Neil Rafferty, D-Birmingham, gained final approval on the last day of the 2023 regular session. A conference committee ended up reconciling differences between the House and Senate versions of Rafferty’s bill. Both chambers concurred with the conference report on the 30th day of the session. The governor signed it into law Thursday, June 15.

Multiple beverages can be sold on a single transaction, under the new law. Food trucks cannot sell alcohol within 150 feet of the entrance of an Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board licensee. The ABC Board through rulemaking can also require that food trucks selling alcohol in entertainment districts have security cameras.

Rafferty said his legislation emphasizes local control as to whether food trucks can sell alcohol in established entertainment districts.

In 2022, Rafferty sponsored legislation that allows food and beverage trucks to sell alcohol in open containers within Birmingham’s entertainment districts.


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