ARA Members: New Updated Federal 6-in-1 Poster in the Mail

Mandatory updates to required Fair Labor Standards Act (minimum wage) and Polygraph Protection Act workplace posters became effective Aug. 1, 2016. On Tuesday, Aug. 23, the Alabama Retail Association mailed an updated 6-in-1 federal poster, including the Aug. 1 changes to each location of member businesses in our database. Replace your outdated federal poster with the 6-in-1 version you receive from Alabama Retail (shown below). If you printed out the minimum wage and polygraph posters through links provided by Alabama Retail on Aug. 1, the new 6-in-1 version you receive in the mail replaces those as well.


Your ARA-provided, 4-in-1 state poster (shown below), dated 2013 or 2016, remains valid and should be displayed in the same area(s) as your federal poster.2016StatePosterforARCMembers

These posters should be displayed where your employees, and in some cases job applicants, can readily see them. Learn more about where to post.

The Alabama Retail Association provides free federal and state workplace posters to members as a benefit of membership.

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