TSA extends masking requirements for planes and public transportation through April 18; face covering graphics and links

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Health officials recommend wearing face coverings to avoid unintentionally spreading the coronavirus to others, especially in areas of high levels of transmission. On March 10, 2022, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) extended its requirement for masks on public transportation conveyances and in public transportation hubs through April 18, 2022.

While Alabama’s mask mandate ended at 5 p.m. April 9, 2021, businesses and local governments can set their own policies related to face coverings. Mask graphics are linked above and at the end of this post for any wishing to use.

Federal Property
(Updated Feb. 25, 2022)
Domestic Travel
(Individual airlines have different requirements
for the types of face coverings allowed.
On Public Conveyances and at Transportation Hubs

More information for you, your staff and your customers:

The Reopen Alabama Resource Guide database contains four categories of resources: PPE supplies, cleaning and disinfecting, other supplies as well as services and solutions. The database helps Alabama businesses locate and acquire the supplies needed to open safely, protect their customers and employees and adhere to public health guidelines.

Printable pdf of image above;
Thank You and other
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plus state-provided images

State-Provided Mask Graphics
Mask Preferred | Required for Service | Please Wear | Thank You for Wearing

Q & A with Alabama Retail’s Employment Law Partner about Mask Communications

Originally posted 10:36 a.m. April 23, 2020; Last updated March 10, 2022.