CDC recommends fully vaccinated wear masks in public indoor spaces in areas of high transmission; face covering graphics and links

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Health officials recommend wearing cloth face coverings to avoid unintentionally spreading the coronavirus to others. On July 27, 2021, because of the rise of the Delta variant of the virus, in areas of substantial or high transmission, the Centers for Disease Control recommended everyone wear a mask in public indoor settings, even the fully vaccinated (announcement audio). In late July, some Alabama cities and counties began requiring masks in government facilities and venues: Birmingham, Montgomery and Montgomery County. The Mobile County Health Department recommends mask wearing when in public with those outside your immediate household.

While Alabama’s mask mandate ended at 5 p.m. April 9, local mandates can be reactivated. The local governments that had activated citywide mandates in April ended them in May and have not voted to reinstate them.

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Q & A with Alabama Retail’s Employment Law Partner about Mask Communications

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More information for you, your staff and your customers:

For food production, processing and retail settings, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has further guidance for those who do not typically wear masks as part of their jobs. The FDA says to consider the following if your employees use a cloth face covering:

  • Maintain face coverings that match parameters in the FDA’s Model Food Code sections 4-801.11 Clean Linens and 4.802.11 Specifications.
  • Launder reusable face coverings before each daily use.

The Reopen Alabama Resource Guide database contains four categories of resources: PPE supplies, cleaning and disinfecting, other supplies as well as services and solutions. The database helps Alabama businesses locate and acquire the supplies needed to open safely, protect their customers and employees and adhere to public health guidelines.

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Originally posted 10:36 a.m. April 23; Last updated July 29, 2021