Employment Law FAQs: Jury Duty

What’s an employer required to do when an employee is summoned for jury duty?

“When an employee is summoned for jury duty, an Alabama employer must give a full-time employee paid leave for the duration of their service. That means that the employee cannot be required to dip into Paid Time Off (PTO), vacation time, sick leave or any other paid leave the employer provides.

Additionally, if you have second- and third-shift employees whose work primarily occurs outside of their jury duty service, those employees cannot be required to report to work during their regular work time, even though their jury duty and regular work times don’t necessarily overlap or don’t significantly overlap.

Of course, the employer is entitled to documentation of the summons, and at the end, the fact of the service.”

By: Whitney R. Brown, Esq., Lehr Middlebrooks Vreeland & Thompson, P.C.

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