Avoid Unnecessary Costs; Get Your Workplace Posters from ARA

osha posterWith your Alabama Retail membership, you receive the workers’ rights posters that are required by federal and state law to be posted in your workplace. These posters can cost as much as $200 from other sources, but yours are absolutely FREE from Alabama Retail!

Despite what poster companies try to tell you, you do not need to replace posters you received from ARA in 2013 or 2014, even though the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has redesigned its “Job Safety and Health – It’s The Law!” posters. OSHA says earlier posters work too. If you received free posters from the Alabama Retail Association, they are still valid. For new members and those who request extra workplace posters, we have printed versions including the newly redesigned OSHA poster.

Alabama Retail Association members should check to make sure you have the latest posters by clicking here. You can either download and print the posters from our website, or request new posters be mailed to you.

Each Alabama Retail member initially receives one each of the state and federal posters. If you have more than one location and those locations are not part of the Alabama Retail member database, you may need additional posters. You can order additional posters online or call 1-800-239-5423. When the law changes, Alabama Retail prints and mails new posters to you, free of charge.

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