More than 20 local alcohol bills became law in 2018

More than 20 local alcohol bills became law in 2018.

Sunday sales can be permitted by resolution, ordinance, a majority vote of the governing body or referendum. These cities and counties received state legislative permission in 2018 to authorize Sunday sales by these methods:

Two areas that already had Sunday sales moved up the time sales could begin to 10 a.m. Those were any city in Mobile County as well as the unincorporated areas of the county and the city of Birmingham.

Three areas this year added the possibility of draft beer sales for both on- and off-premises sales with a limit of 288 ounces per customer, per day for the off-premise sales.

The Crenshaw County Commission can authorize sales by a majority vote, while the Priceville and Hartselle city councils can do so by ordinance.

Alcohol sales are now potentially allowed in four community development districts.

The city of Mentone can authorize seven-day-a-week, on- and off-premises alcohol sales if approved by the area’s voters.

Act No. 2018-433 allows Gorham’s Bluff Lodge in Pisgah, Lucy’s Branch Marina in western Limestone County and a property on Logan Martin Lake to have seven-day-a-week, on-premises alcohol sales.

The Dale County Commission has authority over any on-premise alcohol license outside the corporate limits of any city in that county.

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