Check Your Mail for Our New Magazine, Alabama Retailer

RickRetouchRetailers are people.

They are your neighbor, your Facebook friend. They are who you ask advice about what to wear, what ingredients to use for your evening meal, what over-the-counter medicine is best when you have a cough, what color and kind of paint to use in your kitchen. They are part of just about every aspect of your daily life.

The new look of your association magazine is all about being better together. If you haven’t received it yet, the all new Alabama Retailer magazine should be arriving in your mailboxes over the next few days. You’ll find the stories of just a sampling Alabama’s retailers in its pages: A jewelry store owner carrying on a family tradition that is the most enduring in America; a couple who made the hard decision to close their life’s dream because of unfair tax policies; another couple operating a business that their community uses as a gathering place and as a springboard for new businesses; and an owner whose third-generation enterprise is much more than a hardware store.

Yes, these retailers sell products. They also provide jobs and build communities.

Many of you reading the magazine can also say, “I am an Alabama Retailer.”

Our new magazine is for and about you.

Retailers are better when we work together to tell the retail story in our state. We are better when we speak with one voice on public policy. Together, the 4,100 businesses that make up the Alabama Retail Association can negotiate better benefits for its membership.

Retail is better together. If you aren’t already a part, I hope you’ll join us.

President, Alabama Retail Association

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