Make sure you, those you work with and others you know are counted in 2020 U.S. Census

Starting in mid-March, every Alabamian needs to be counted.

From March 12-24, about three of every four households will receive an invitation via the U.S. mail from the U.S. Census Bureau to respond to the 2020 census online or by phone. Most of the remaining will receive a paper questionnaire along with an invitation to respond online. Five percent will receive their questionnaire when a census taker drops it off at their home and less than one percent will be counted in person instead of invited to respond on their own.

‘It is imperative that everyone fills out and returns the form,’ said Gov. Kay Ivey.

I urge everybody to complete the census form and to make sure everybody around you and those who work for or with you, does the same thing,” Gov. Kay Ivey said. The governor wants at least an 80 percent response rate in Alabama. In the 2010 Census, Alabama had a 72 percent response rate.

All households that have not yet responded will receive a paper questionnaire by mid-April.

Retailers, restaurants and other businesses use census data to determine where to locate, relocate or expand their stores. (Shareable “Want New Shops / Restaurants” video) The data also determines how many seats Alabama has in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Encourage employees, customers and residents in our communities to fill out their census forms.

You count. Alabama counts.

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Originally posted Feb. 26.