Legislation bans labeling lab-produced proteins as meat and other introduced legislation

Legislation that would prevent food containing cultured animal tissue from being labeled as meat or a meat food product is on the agenda for the Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee’s Wednesday meeting.

The rise in popularity of alternate ways to make proteins has prompted the introduction of SB369 by Sen. David Sessions, R-Mobile, and its House companion is HB518 by Rep. Danny Crawford, R-Athens. Crawford’s bill is on the House’s special order calendar for Tuesday. Lab-produced meat products are not yet available for public consumption but are being actively pursued.

Other legislative introductions so far in the 2019 regular session include:

  • state lottery – SB116SB130SB220. The House Economic Development and Tourism Committee has SB220 on its agenda for Wednesday, May 15.
  • Legislation to repeal the 2016 Alabama Uniform Minimum Wage and Right-to-Work Act, which prohibits local governments from requiring minimum wages, paid or unpaid leave, vacation time or work schedules. HB482 has been assigned to the House State Government Committee, but not yet scheduled for consideration.
  • HB406 to ban vaping or use of e-cigarettes anywhere smoking in prohibited. It allows employers to designate certain areas for use of e-cigarettes and allows restaurant owners to choose whether or not to allow the use of e-cigarettes at their business. The bill awaits consideration by the House Commerce and Small Business Committee. Other legislation being considered regulates the vaping industry.
  • HB317 to repeal the Motor Fuels Marketing Act, a law that makes it unlawful to sell fuel below cost. The House Transportation, Utilities and Infrastructure Committee carried over this legislation earlier in the session.

Other legislation of interest:

UC changes with $42.3 million annual savings ready for final debate in House 

Senate OKs revised franchisee protection bill

Statewide, year-round sales of small fireworks
ready for consideration by either chamber

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