Retail Report: 2018 Regular Session Summary

In its 2018 regular session, the Alabama Legislature again revised the state’s voluntary use tax program to further level the playing field between brick-and-mortar and online-only retailers. Stay tuned for more on April 17, when the U.S. Supreme Court delves deeper into the issue of sales tax collection in states where retailers lack a physical presence.

Other top retail stories that came out of the Alabama Legislature’s 2018 regular session included requirements for data breach notification and secured grease trap covers.

Of the 922 bills introduced in the session that began Jan. 9 and ended March 29, 101 carried the most concern for retailers. An account of how select bills among those fared during the 2018 regular session follows.

Next year’s regular session begins March 5, 2019. The organizational session to elect officers and appoint committees for the 2019-2022 quadrennium starts Jan. 8, 2019.

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Starting June 1, Alabama moves toward level playing field for online third-party sellers and brick-and-mortars (

Data breach notification required beginning June 1 (

By Dec. 1, restaurants must have secured grease trap (

Law ends ‘traveling through’ business licenses (

Alabama has more than 20 new local alcohol laws (

$1,000 tax break for hiring combat and out-of-work veterans possible on 2019 return (

Starting March 1, 2019, if state posts wrong local tax rate, you won’t be liable (

Additional info now needed in some commercial property value appeals (

Law ends pharmacy provider tax credits; Refunds possible through 2020 (


Mandated printing of return policy on receipts didn’t happen (

Pharmacy business license cost reduction and direct wine shipment among bills that could return in 2019 (

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