Employing People with Disabilities

Central time

Chantal Woodyard

Presented by Chantal Woodyard
Rocky Mountain ADA Center

This webinar will provide valuable information that will help expand your pool of prospective employees and answer questions you may have about what you can and can’t do under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act when hiring people with disabilities.

Among the areas to be covered:

  • Recruitment of employees with disabilities: What you need to know about the application process, and suggestions on working with disability organizations to recruit employees
  • Common misconceptions regarding hiring and retaining employees with disabilities: Facts on important issues such as what whether employees with disabilities can be required to meet the same job standards as employees who are not disabled
  • How to address employment-related barriers through reasonable accommodations: Learn what you can and can’t ask about accommodations, what steps you should take to accommodate an employee with a disability so they can perform their job, and how simple and inexpensive most accommodations actually are
  • Tax incentives: Discover what types of tax credits are available for making reasonable accommodations.

This Retail University webinar is offered FREE of charge to Alabama Retail Association members.