Data Security: What Every Retailer Must Know and Do


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Presented by Josh VanDyke
InfoTech Solutions

josh vandykeData breaches happen every day in every size of business, including small Main Street businesses. Cyber criminals are out there looking for easy targets. If you’re not prepared, they can quickly and easily hack into your computer system and drain your bank accounts, access your proprietary information and steal private information about your customers.

Retailers must ensure they are implementing the proper security control to protect themselves and their customer data from this growing threat. During this webinar, you’ll find out what problems to watch for, and some steps that every retailer can take immediately to help safeguard their system.

Ten crucial issues that will be covered in this webinar:

  1. Causes of most of the recent breaches, both on a small, local level and on a national scale
  2. Types of attacks
  3. Things to use and look for on your point of sale networks
  4. What you need to know about passwords
  5. Restricting emails and web surfing
  6. Tips on web and email filters
  7. What you need to know about firewalls
  8. Key areas your staff needs to be trained on
  9. Ensuring your backup is off-site and encrypted
  10. Red flags that indicate you may have a breach

Through this webinar, you will learn how to protect your business before it’s too late. Josh VanDyke will explain the top four mitigation strategies and security controls you and your company can implement to thwart a targeted cyber intrusion.

 This Retail University webinar is offered free of charge for Alabama Retail Association members.