Financial Strength

To retain the trust of fund members and the confidence of brokers across the state, ARC believes it is vital to be financially transparent. This is why ARC publishes our full, audited financials with notes annually.

Take a moment to review the highlights below. A link to the complete, audited financials with notes is below the summary.

Audited 2019 Year End

Audited 2020 Year End

Total Assets



Claims Liabilities



Retro Reserves



Other Liabilities



Total Liabilities



Members’ Equity



Total Liabilities
Members’ Equity






Total Revenues



Total Expenses




Net Income
Before Retro and Income Tax



Read Full Audited Financials with Notes

With more than $43 million put away for future Retro Returns and more than $21 million in Members Equity, ARC’s financial strength and stability is clear.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact ARC Fund Manager, Brett Johnson.