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What does my restaurant need to know about food safety? How can I help prevent losses from theft and accidents? How do I use technology to streamline some of my day-to-day business?

Alabama Retail’s partnership with LearnSomething© provides the answers to all of the above and much more. No matter the type or size of business, LearnSomething© has solutions to problems you face every day! Offerings include many required certification courses. These courses are a cost-effective way to train your employees in matters vital to your business’s success!

The more you know, the more you benefit.


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Popular Courses:

Preventing Fraud, Waste & Abuse – General Training (Health Care)
Alabama Responsible Vendor
Workplace Health and Safety (OSHA courses)
Guide to Food Safety
(A 16-hour SuperSafeMark® course that prepares you for the accredited Certified Professional Food Manager examination)