Employer’s Desk Manual

The ALABAMA EMPLOYER’S DESK MANUAL is prepared by Lehr Middlebrooks & Vreeland, P.C., a team of Alabama labor and employment lawyers and consultants who represent employers and provide clear, in-depth explanations and analyses not only of major federal employment laws (such as Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act), but also of important Alabama laws and regulations such as those relating to unemployment and worker’s compensation benefits, child labor and jury service.

Alabama Retail provides member retailers with the opportunity to order this manual in an electronic format. For the low cost of $99, Alabama Retail members can subscribe to the manual and have it at your fingertips on your computer when you need it. Another advantage to having this electronic employment law manual is that the association will email you any updates. The online cost for Alabama Retail members is an $86 savings over the cost of a printed manual. Click “Add to Cart” below to order.

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