Driver License Awards

The Alabama Retail Association and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency together recognize Driver License Specialists and Examiners who go the extra mile to detect identity theft and arrest those who utilize fraudulent forms of identification, such as driver licenses, Social Security cards and INS cards.

The outstanding Driver License Specialist and Examiner awards are given quarterly, with cumulative yearly winners. The 2015 awards were presented Tuesday, April 18, 2016, at Wynlakes Golf & Country Club in Montgomery.

Winners Since 2001

Driver License Unit Arrest Record

Identity Theft Facts

The 2015 Driver License Examiners and Specialists of the quarter and the year from left:  Tonya O’Banion, Pamela Rawlinson, Carlos Flores and Eric Lucas, all Driver License Examiners I; Cynthia Ash, Sharon Perry, Regina Hardy, all Driver License Specialists; and Driver License Examiner 1 Stacy Fuqua.