Previous Centennial Insurance Agencies

Talladega Insurance Agency
Founded in 1856 by James G.L. Huey
Owner: William B McGehee III CIC

Wells Fargo Insurance Services of Alabama Inc.
Tuscaloosa and Aliceville
Founded in 1867
Owner: Robert W. Poellnitz Jr.

J. Smith Lanier & Co.
Birmingham, Huntsville, Opelika and 15 locations outside of Alabama
Founded in 1868 by W.C. Lanier and Lafayette Lanier
Owners: J.Smith Lanier II and Gaines Lanier

Fitts Agency Inc.
Tuscaloosa and Eutaw
Founded in 1875 by C.J. Turner
Owners: Gary, David and Forrest Fitts, Chass Horton, Virginia Parks and Tim Donahue

Cobbs, Allen & Hall, Inc.
Birmingham, Montgomery, Gadsden, Mobile
and four other locations outside of Alabama
Founded in 1887 by John G. Smith
Owner: Privately held by an investment group

Thames Batré Insurance
Mobile and Gulf Shores
Founded in 1891 by Gustav Thames and Lloyd Batré
Owners: Harry W. Mattei, Harlon Ison, Lewis Beville, Allen H. Ladd, Ernest Ladd, Payton Mattei and Taylor Beville

Rux Carter Insurance Agency
Founded in 1906 by J.R. “Gordon” White
Owner: George Bentley