Sample letter to send to your tax-free customers about Jan. 1, 2016, certification requirement

Dear [insert name of tax-free group executive or accountant],

Beginning Jan. 1, 2016, the only valid proof of a sales, use or lodging tax exemption for statutorily tax-exempt organizations, like [insert name of tax-exempt group], will be a certificate of exemption, known as Form STE-1.

You should have received a notice Oct. 21 from the Alabama Department of Revenue about this law change, complete with instructions on how to apply for the certificate of exemption and encouragement to do so before the first of the year. For your convenience, here is the link to the certificate application:

[Insert name of your business] would also like to encourage you to go ahead, apply for, receive your certificate of exemption from the state and present it to us at the time of your next purchase.

Without that certificate on file, after Jan. 1, [insert name of your business] will have to add sales taxes to any purchase [insert name of tax-exempt group] makes.

For further information about Alabama certificates of exemption, please contact Traci Sherlock at 334-353-9680 or LaShayla Jackson at 334-242-1262 with the Alabama Revenue Department.

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