Sample Get Out the Vote Letter

Dear (Employee, Friend, Family Member, etc.),

Voting is one of the most important responsibilities we have as a U.S. citizen and an Alabamian. It’s our chance to select leaders who understand the issues retailers face and whose rhetoric will match their votes in Montgomery and in Washington.

The (insert current election here) is Tuesday, (insert date here), and it is more important than ever to go to the polls and vote for retail-friendly candidates. We need leaders who not only understand retailing but who will also embrace our concerns when it comes time to vote on legislation dealing with such issues as taxation, business licenses and workers’ compensation. We also need jurists who will rule on the law, not make the law.

The people we elect will make decisions affecting our businesses, Alabama’s economy and our future.

I strongly encourage you to vote and make a difference Tuesday. Please consider the candidates and issues endorsed by the Alabama Retail Association.

Anti-business forces want control of state government and the halls of justice in our state. You and I must do all we can to get everyone we know to the polls. Do your part to make the VOICE of retailing and business heard!

VOTE. Alabama’s future depends on it.