Being the advocate for retailers with government decision makers at local, state and national levels is the Alabama Retail Association’s most vital function. Alabama Retail is the voice of Alabama retailers in Montgomery before state legislators; in Washington before federal lawmakers; and anywhere public opinion has an impact on the business interests of retailers. This requires working with the Alabama Legislature and the U.S. Congress, as well as interacting with administrators of agencies, bureaus and departments. Wherever government encroaches into the conduct of business, whether by law or regulation, Alabama Retail fills the need for a strong voice articulating the position and needs of retailers.

When retailers speak with one voice, lawmakers listen. Few organizations have enjoyed the legislative and regulatory accomplishments as have retailers. Among the many issues your association has tackled include: workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, simplifying sales tax collection, credit/finance charges, strengthening shoplifting laws, business license reform, tort reform, health costs/regulations, inventory, income and corporate taxes, worthless checks, labor laws and consumer protection.

With thousands of members, Alabama Retail has the power to shape laws to help retailers succeed and to stop laws that interfere with business.